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RFID Technology you can Identify with...


Introducing the Netc EmbraceRF app for your mobile phone and your small business. The EmbraceRF application turns your smartphone into one of your most valuable business assets. Simply use the smartphone camera and take a picture of a barcode label on the asset you wish to track. The EmbraceRF program wirelessly sends the image to the cloud-based EmbraceRF server where it is decoded and processed. The asset information is returned to your smartphone. EmbraceRF can save you time and money in managing and tracking your valuable assets.

EmbraceRF Small Business


You can also use a Bluetooth RFID and barcode scanner and pair it with your smartphone. Now you can scan RFID and barcode labels. The small business smartphone app enables you to perform the following asset management and chain of custody tracking functions:

1. Incoming assets from an outside location

2. Outgoing assets to an outside location

3. Inventory of your assets

4. Containers - link assets to a container; unlink assets

5. Assets - commission or deploy in your system

6. Assets - decommission or take out of service


iOS app for your iPhone and iPad!