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Netc N·CASE™ Executive Summary


Netc N·CASE™ RFID enabled transport cases allow you to link your tape media and cases. You can identify which tapes are in a case by simply scanning the N·CASE™ RFID tag. There is no need to open the case just pack and track with Netc Embrace RFID Asset Tracking Software. N·CASE™ transport cases are flexible, durable and affordable and work flawlessly with the Netc Embrace™ RFID Asset Tracking System.


Key advantages of the Netc RFID N·Cases

RFID enabled for easy tracking and inventory.

• RFID tag VolSer custom configured.

• RFID Chip has re-writable User Data up to 50 Characters.

• Secure and weather-resistant container design.

• Purpose-built trays ensure the ideal fit for any media.

• Strong, positive double latching system with butterfly clasps.

• Latches are riveted to container along with a strong metal backer plate.

• Oversized bumper protects container.

Netc N·Case