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Benefits of Using EmbraceRF for Asset Tracking, Regulatory Compliance and Asset Security


The Netc EmbraceRF   Asset Tracking System helps track the entire life cycle of your corporate assets: their deployment, auditing, movement and decommissioning. EmbraceRF monitors the "chain of custody" of RFID enabled assets as they move within your facility. Assets are tracked both incoming and outgoing to and from an offsite location. Essentially, Netc EmbraceRF makes it easier to establish an audit trail of ownership rights and physical location. EmbraceRF improves accounting for assets, thereby limiting data loss liability and increasing asset security.


The benefits Netc EmbraceRF   provides for regulatory compliance, asset tracking and asset security are summarized below:


• Better inventory control

• Improved asset accounting, tracking, control and auditing

• Security of sensitive, high-value, high-vulnerability assets

• Increased security for assets containing customer information

• Faster, more accurate and timely inventory audits

• Faster asset moves and consolidations

• Comprehensive asset histories and audit trails reduce errors in recording asset movements and statuses

• Reduced asset loss or theft due to management alerts when assets aren’t where they should be

• Automated processes that result in significant savings in time and labor costs

• Management dashboards and reports to help monitor key performance indicators and asset location

• Competitive advantage in marketplace


Netc EmbraceRF Asset Tracking System is an integrated, single-source, scalable RFID solution that will empower you to achieve your asset management, auditing, security and regulatory compliance goals.


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